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National and Global Voice Overs, audio speak for audio, video, film, and digital media... Soundtracks for a wired world...    Take One!  

If you're new to Voiceover, or a seasoned VO Veteran looking to reposition your career for the new evolution in new media market niches, stepping in to Ron Knight's Voiceover coaching and Voiceover career fast tracks can step you up in any of the following areas: Commercials, Industrial Narration, Broadcast Promos, Imaging, Documentaries, Audiobooks, Motion Picture Trailers, Animation, Interactive Gaming, Special Venue Productions, New Media, E-Learning, Podcasting and more... 

Teleclasses: 3 times per year 



Online webinars: 



Conference Audio Calls



SKYPE Advanced Workshops and Voiceover Business Consultations



and Frequently Asked Questions on Your Voiceover Demo Info

the Ultimate  VoiceOver DEMO Review

Is your voice-over demo really getting you work ... showing your skills best? 


In today's competitive market, cookie-cutter demos just don't cut it any more. Worse, a hodgepodge of styles will confuse and turn off voice seekers. (Is this your demo?)


Here's how to see if your demo is truly on track ...


Watch the video on the left as Ron Knight, a top demo producer, voice talent and coach, evaluates demos in a live webinar presented by VoiceOverXtra


His ULTIMATE REVIEW uncovers what's working and what's not. You will learn how to evaluate your own demos.


"It's virtually guaranteed that listening to this webinar may help you realize just why your demo sucks," Ron says. Right - he tells it like it is.

Ron Knight Is The 'Sure Ticket Win For Bookings' ...


"Ron has produced many  demos that have helped launch successful careers. His demo production is regarded by many industry veterans and beginners alike, as the sure ticket win for bookings and representation." - Susan Berkley, voice talent and coach


"I worked with Ron as a director for my first voice-over demo, and man, was I in good hands. I have a demo that gets me in the door, thanks to Ron." - Patricia Tallman, voice talent & actress, Babylon 5


"Working with Ron Knight totally enhanced the way my media is being presented and the way I personally will be perceived." - Amy Gibson, voice talent & Emmy-nominated actress


"Because of Ron's valuable class and demo, I successfully completed my first TV commercial - a 30-second spot on Nickelodeon!" - Jeanne Intile, voice talent


"Ron - I am absolutely thrilled with both demos! Three phone calls from three different agents! You were exactly right with their reasoning." -Sandy DeLonga, voice talent


"Agencies are referring me to the majors. Belated thanks for the demos and coaching you helped me with. You gave me a nudge in the right direction." -Mike Carta, voice talent



Leading Coach & Demo Producer ...


Ron Knight is one of the nation's leading advanced mediavoice-over communications coaches and producers.


As a voice talent, he's been the voice of Nickelodeon, The Travel Channel, Sirius Radio, ABC Networks, Disney and Universal Resorts - as well as many series from the 1980s to current regional and national accounts.


His Knight Mediacom Studios produce cinema advertising, production for soundtracks, interactive media "trigger spots" for national cable media, plus projects with new production techniques for Avatar Animation.


Voice-over career consulting is available by appointment, and he offers Advanced Market Voice-Over Workshops plus, of course, winning demo production.

Training, Seminars, Workshops and Keynotes

Ron Knight's training curriculums, courses and workshops have been used and employed by leading broadcast institutions and organizations including IBCI;  Berkley Productions / Great Voice Company in New York, (as featured on David Letterman and CBS News; Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Creative Acting Company in Manhattan, the legendary Los Angeles Broadcast Workshops in LA,  the Jingle Singers Workshops and Voice Over Training Boot Camps for Image One in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Presentations and panels on programmingcreative voice and styling development, and "talent associated branding" for executives include the National Association of Broadcasters, many State Broadcasters Associations, the Intercollegiate Broadcasters Association, Meckler-Media, Jupiter Media Communications, Wacfest (World Animation Celebration) the Themed Entertainment Association - Urban Land Institute, The Computer Game Developers Conference, Mip-TV, MipCom, Milia, and the NIMBLE new media conferences. Workshops, panels, and highly entertaining keynotes available.

Voice Over Demo Production

We have been told that KMI produces Voice Over Demos that LEAP over tallest buildings in a single bound.  We limit our voice over demo tape production to an exclusive 20 clients per year. If your voice over career is sagging, than New York and Southern California's premiere NATIONAL Market training institute, with a firm perspective on contemporary casting, counseling and coaching that have launched, repositioned and improved the careers, odds and opportunities for close to a thousand voice over talent since 1982 may well be for you. From New York to Los Angeles...from Miami to San Francisco... from local to National Talent... from intermediates to Seasoned Veterans.

Run with the pack? Or Build your Brand with the Secret Weapon Brand Building Pros.






Telephone:  (310) 779 9885 or (619) 573 9919 

SKYPE: ron.knightkmi

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